Friday, August 21, 2009

September 2004 (2nd part)

I've been here on this planet nearly 90 years. My health problems have made my stay here rather unpleasant. Depression, undiagnosed, plagued the first 50 years. Extremely unpleasant. I made my way through it all. Greatly misdiagnosed through many 70 years. Finally diagnosed at age 70. Doctor finally found the medication that brought relief. Five years ago sciatic surgery was required and some say that probably accounts for the hellish fibromyalgia that keeps my muscles burning and aching all night. What hell. Much reading, I found no remedy yet. My wife is very patient and helpful. The massages are most helpful. Many clinics and doctors world wide are not working with FMS to no avail, yet.

I pray for a remedy. We all suffer the great pain. Is death near? We sometimes think so. At 90, the problem is debilitation. Very low energy all through the day. I have cut back on many of my activities and volunteering.

My youngest brother is 77. We came out of humble circumstances. All served missions. All college grads. I acquired doctorate degree, and thus accomplished, [abducted into] the college hall of fame. My brothers have done well financially--and so their children. 

Sept 23. I awoke with an extreme pain over and around my stomach area. By 6 am my wife took me to the emergency room. They quickly arranged a room and began the process of diagnosis, x-rays, blood work, etc. By 9 am a diagnosis had been made: peptic ulcer. Pricole (sp)  prescribed and 2 1/2 sheets of  info and instructions. Sent home. The extreme pain has not returned, but doctor suspects other things being wrong. She gave me a referal to an endoentologist (sp). She was very suspicious of the black stool, etc.

 Sept 24.  Evening I was doing very well, but yesterday and today not too well. The usual weakness and nausea. Went to lab during pm to fill a prescription  and a blood sample was taken for a half dozen tests related to my ulcer problem, I presume. We went to the dining hall for dinner, but I didn't feel up to it but it turned out all right. Felt horribly bad later arriving home. [Wife] suggested a priesthood blessing. Sons came. Wonderful blessing. Took a long nap.

Sept 24. I felt slightly better than most mornings. Even did early morning chores, took out trash and paper, prepared breakfast, etc. Did not go to the elementary school to tudor, I'm not ready yet. Doing much better today. Son came by after his work. Worked on computer.

Sept 25. Not so good. Slept very little last night. Tiring day. Legs have improved since monday, but I slid back somewhat today. My legs do not hold energy. I walked from the lobby of the hospital out to our car about 1/4 mile and it put me out for a couple of hours rest.

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